Riding Out The Storm: How To Protect Your Pittsburgh House From Floods & Storms

How To Protect Your Pittsburgh House From Floods & Storms

The picturesque city of Pittsburgh is full of residents who appreciate all the beauty around them. But even though we adore the city, we also have to face the fact that it’s also prone to flooding. While we can’t control Mother Nature, you can still do many things to protect your Pittsburgh house from the damage storms and floods cause.

This blog post will look at some of the best preventative steps to keep your home safe when storms and flooding hit.

Put In A Sump Pump

Your home can avoid floods and water damage by having a sump pump installed. A sump pump will help prevent water from penetrating your crawl space or basement. How does it work? Essentially, it sucks up all the water that seeped into the area and pumps it outside your house.

Seal Any Basement Entrances/Exits

Are there any exit windows in your basement? How about a distinct entry door? In short, check all entrances/exits. If you ignore leaks, they can give you a lot of headaches down the road.

Sure, it may seem like just a few drops at first, but those leaks can lead to weak spots, and eventually, these spots could collapse, especially in the event of a flash flood. So, seal every entrance/door with caulk or sealer to make things watertight.

Redirect Water

If you live near a pond, stream, river, or lake, it’s best to have an efficient network of trenches outside your home; these can redirect water when the natural body of water overflows.

And if you dig these trenches strategically, you can hide them under bushes, trees, etc., so they won’t diminish your home’s exterior appeal.

Keep Downspouts & Gutters Clean

Rainwater should be directed away from your property via gutters and downspouts. But for them to operate effectively, they must be clean and debris-free.

Put In A Backflow Prevention Valve

If you install a backflow prevention valve, your home can be safe from sewage backup flooding. Of course, you’ll need a professional plumber to install this device. Don’t do it yourself; you may not install it properly.

The Bottom Line

Being a responsible homeowner means taking necessary precautions so your Pittsburgh home doesn’t get flooded. And if your home does get damaged by a storm or flood, you’ll need a reliable restoration company’s help.

Or you could decide to sell a house fast in Pittsburgh. After all, who wants to deal with all that trouble when a flood pretty much destroys your basement? A cash home buyer in Pittsburgh will buy your home no matter its condition.

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