4 Simple Ways To Prevent Basement Leaks In Your Pittsburgh Home

Prevent Basement Leaks In Your Pittsburgh Home

Pittsburgh and a few other Pennsylvanian cities typically see above-average rainfall yearly. Rainfall increases dramatically in the spring, leading to leaks in many basements.

As water droplets make their way through the cracks of your foundation, your basement slowly becomes a hotspot for problems. From musty odors to a compromised foundation, many problems can pop up and compel you to sell a house fast in Pittsburgh.

In this post, we share tips to prevent basement leaks and the costly repairs they necessitate.

1. Swish The Water Out

To avoid a leaky basement, one of the main things you must do is direct water away from the home’s foundation. Gutters and downspouts allow you to do just that. Therefore, if your home lacks gutters, you should add them.

And if you have gutters, you must clean them regularly. Gutters that are overflowing with leaves and branches won’t function well. Clean up around the downspouts too so they can work properly.

2. Use A Sump Pump

If you’ve been a homeowner for many years, you’re probably familiar with how a sump pump works. But just to refresh your memory, a sump pump directs rainwater to a pit under the home, where it eventually seeps into the earth. And when there’s too much water in the pit, the pump will activate to prevent overflow.

3. Control Humidity & Condensation

Basements can become damp because of condensation and humidity. Water from cold pipes, for example, reacts with warm air to form condensation. Installing foam pipe insulation around your pipes will prevent condensation from accumulating.

It’s affordable and straightforward to install. You can easily slide the foam onto your pipes because it has been longitudinally sliced open. Use a pair of scissors or a utility knife to trim off any extra insulation. The insulation will also prevent pipe freezing, which homeowners in colder climates need.

4. Install A Dehumidifier

Your basement will be better protected against moisture if a dehumidifier is installed. These are even better when paired with a sump pump; the dehumidifier takes water out of the air, and the sump pump directs it away from the foundation.


By implementing the above tips, you can ensure your basement stays dry during the next rainy season. These tips will help you avoid costly repairs too, so paying attention is worth it!

And for homeowners sick of leaky basement issues, there’s an easy way to sell your home. You can completely bypass the time-consuming and expensive waterproofing procedures and sell your house to cash buyers.

Cash home buyers in Pittsburgh, like us here at 412 Houses, ensure a hassle-free transaction, and we’ll buy your home as is so you never have to spend a dime on water damage repairs.

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