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Sure, it’s a seller’s market. But selling your house involves a lot more work than putting up a For Sale sign. What if you could skip the hard work and sell your house in less than 2 weeks? We can help you do just that! Call cash home buyers at 412-346-0523 for a quick quote.

We work with homeowners looking to sell their property immediately. You may be in the middle of a foreclosure, or awaiting divorce. We have helped people who’re tired of being a landlord.  And owners who have inherited homes they cannot afford to keep. 412 Houses are cash home buyers – we make a fair cash offer for your house.

We have been in the real estate investment business for more than a decade now. Over the years, we have purchased many properties in Pittsburgh; we know the place like the back of our hand! Our home buying specialists do not have to rely on home inspection reports or other supporting evidence to make an offer – our experience helps us makes a fair offer every time.

What separates us from other companies? We go beyond the initial sale. For example, you don’t have to worry about after sale cleanup or repairs; we’ll do it all. We’ll manage the closing formalities as well. Our home buying specialists make every effort to ensure that you know how we’ve come up with the offer price. All that you have to do is to show up during settlement; we’ll take care of the rest! And unlike a normal sale, you don’t have to wait for the escrow to close; we’ll pay in a few minutes of settlement. You don’t have to pay a commission to the realtor, or spend on repairs. You don’t have to get your house sale ready! Because, we’ll buy your house AS IT IS -with all its problems and issues.

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