Cash For Houses Vs. Regular Sale

Don’t sell your house in Pittsburgh without reading this! You could either contact a real estate agent and sell the conventional way, or contact us! What is the difference you ask?

We’ll Buy The House Quickly– Can Your Realtor Manage This?

412 Houses is a real estate investment company. We pay cash for houses, i.e. we don’t have to go through the usual loan approval process. You do not have to wait until the escrow closes, or worry about the bank approvals. On some occasions, we’ve closed a deal in just three days!

Depending on how you’ve priced your house, a conventional sale could take around 2-3 months. You’ll have to wait for another 30 days until the escrow closes. And that’s not quite what you would want when you’re in a hurry to sell the house!

We Buy Houses AS IS – Does Your Realtor Promise This?

At 412 Houses, we buy houses as is, irrespective of its condition. Over the years, we have purchased homes that desperately needed a new roof or houses that needed structural changes. Sometimes, the repairs have been minor, but the owner is not interested. Some homes were damaged by fire or flood, but the owner couldn’t afford repairs. We don’t care why you want to sell your house – we offer cash for houses as long as you’re interested in selling!

A realtor may suggest repairs to get the house ready for sale. He may recommend a home stager to help you de-personalize the property. Sometimes, you may have to hire a home inspector. All of this needs initial investment that the owner cannot always afford.

We Promise A Stress-free Sale – Your Realtor Cannot

Sure, your realtor will go out of his way to make things easy for you. But there are some things that he cannot do. For example, can he pay for closing costs? Or, will the realtor waive his commission? Can you leave out all the junk before moving out?

We don’t just pay cash for houses, but also help you save on realtor commission. We’ll pay closing costs, and offer to take care of the junk. You can leave your house only with the things you want, and leave the rest to us!

Do you need cash for houses? Call us at (412) 346-052 for more information…