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Call 412-346-0523 to sell your house quickly! We’ll pay cash for your home and promise a stress free sale. At 412 Houses, we can buy your house in less than 2 weeks.  Don’t trust us? Read user reviews from real clients!

Super simple process. I met with Brian on a Friday afternoon and we had an agreement by Saturday morning. House closed within a few weeks.

- Gary S.

“My wife and I were planning to move to Iowa to be close to our daughter and grandchildren. We needed to sell the house quickly, but for the right price. We contacted a few investors but weren’t happy. That’s when my wife contacted Bryan. He was very polite and agreed to come for a meeting the following evening. I’ll pay cash for your home and make sure everything is settled as quickly as possible, was Bryan’s promise. He was true to his word. The whole process took less than 2 weeks! We didn’t have to bother about cleaning and stuff. Meanwhile, we purchased a property not far from my daughter’s house. I’m so excited to be with my grandkids and spend the rest of our lives with them! Thanks, Bryan!

- Neil. D

“Over the past few years, I have not been in a good position w.r.t my finances. I fell behind on my taxes. Initially, I wasn’t worried because I thought I could manage. That was until I got a foreclosure notice. When nothing fruitful came out, I contacted Steve. He immediately agreed to come to my place. He was polite, asked a few questions, took photos, and then offered a quote that was more than I needed to get out of the situation. I’ve been in this house for more than 45 years; I inherited the house from my parents. There were quite a few things that I couldn’t take with me. Steve assured that he’ll take care of it. And then there was the paperwork. Here too Steve managed most of the work. The sale process didn’t take more than 2 weeks. With the money that was left after paying off my debt, I bought a smaller house and have saved some for a rainy day. Things did change for the better after the sale because I found a job close to my new home. Thanks Steve! You didn’t make me feel like I was a loser or something; you treated me with respect. I’ve recommended you to a friend of mine”

- Brad. C - (Pittsburgh)

412 Houses showed great compassion during a difficult time as we were dealing with the loss of our mother and the need to sell our family home. The team was not only friendly but also incredibly knowledgeable, addressing our concerns promptly. We’re truly grateful for such a positive experience. Thank you immensely.

- Joyce F.

Working with 412 Houses was an exceptionally professional and stress-free experience from start to finish. From the first phone call to the property inspections and closing, everything was handled with utmost care and professionalism. I would highly recommend anyone looking to sell their property to choose 412 Houses.

- Craig W.

Fantastic experience! I had a home with a lot of stuff. I didn’t have time and money to prepare my home for sale. That’s when I got in touch with 412 Houses. They were absolutely friendly and honest about the sale. I got the best price, and the closing was smooth and quick. Honestly, they made it pretty easy for me in all aspects.

- Sharon J.

Working with 412 houses was a pleasure! They were extremely helpful and professional throughout the entire process. They answered our calls promptly and gave a great offer. Easiest and fastest closing ever!

- Gladstone Y.

I recently completed the sale of my home with 412 Houses. As a first-time property seller, I was unsure of what to anticipate. However, working with them was a delight. I wholeheartedly recommend this company to anyone considering selling their property.

- Dennis G.

The process of selling my home to 412 Houses was smooth. I already had an offer on my new house and was in a bit of a time crunch to sell my current one. They came, made an offer and we closed within 10 days. Highly recommended!

- Connie Koutradimos

Fast and simple—what else could you need? Any minor issue was swiftly resolved, truly, what more could you ask for? Spare yourself the headaches and let 412 Houses take care of it.

- Eric R.
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