sell your house fast in Pittsburgh

Tips For Selling A Pittsburgh Home Quickly In The Summertime

The start of summer is just a few weeks away, which means many home buyers will be out looking for homes to purchase. In fact, May, June, and July are often the busiest months for home sales, and usually, homes that sell during this time sell for more than 10% of market value. So, if … Continued
Prevent Basement Leaks In Your Pittsburgh Home

4 Simple Ways To Prevent Basement Leaks In Your Pittsburgh Home

Pittsburgh and a few other Pennsylvanian cities typically see above-average rainfall yearly. Rainfall increases dramatically in the spring, leading to leaks in many basements. As water droplets make their way through the cracks of your foundation, your basement slowly becomes a hotspot for problems. From musty odors to a compromised foundation, many problems can pop … Continued
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