Save Your Pittsburgh Home From A Foreclosure

4 Ways To Save Your Pittsburgh Home From A Foreclosure

More and more foreclosures are happening as the economy slows down. This is why people with mortgages are doing what they can to make sure they avoid foreclosure. Excessive debt, adjustable-rate and exotic mortgages, insufficient emergency funds, a lack of insurance, and purchasing a home you cannot afford can all lead to foreclosure. But if … Continued

Realtor vs FSBO vs Cash Home Sale

Realtor vs FSBO vs Cash Home Sale: Which One Should I Choose?

You have several options when you need to sell a house fast in Pittsburgh. Most sellers prefer working with a realtor, but you’ll have to pay a hefty commission if you go this route. And if you do FSBO (For Sale By Owner), you’ll need a significant amount of time and money to close the … Continued

Avoid Unnecessary Closing Costs

4 Smart Ways To Avoid Unnecessary Closing Costs In Pittsburgh

When you’re thinking about selling your Pittsburgh home, it’s important to know what closing costs can be expected at the end of the sale. The term “closing costs” refers to numerous fees and taxes that relate to the home sale, some of which are mandated by law and others that are necessary. The most common … Continued

What Documents Are Required

What Documents Are Required To Sell A Home In Pittsburgh?

Selling a home can be tedious. You must deal with realtors, banks, and the home inspection process, and you’ll need a range of documents to complete the sale. These documents are all necessary, and failure to provide any of them may cause closing to be delayed or even unattainable. If you want to sell your … Continued

How to Sell a Pittsburgh House with Squatters

How to Sell a Pittsburgh House with Squatters

Recently, a 5-bedroom home on the outskirts of Washington, DC, made national headlines when the house owner announced that they were selling the property for $800,000 with cash offers only. The listing also stated that interested buyers had no access to the lower level of the home, and the property is sold as-is. Naturally, this … Continued

7 Bathroom Renovation Ideas That Add Value to Your Home

7 Bathroom Renovation Ideas That Add Value to Your Home

Updating your bathroom is one of the easiest ways to sell a house fast in Pittsburgh.Continue reading for a list of bathroom renovations that add value to your home. Even minor details like torn wallpaper, a leaky faucet, or broken mirrors can make your bathroom feel outdated and tired. When it comes to the resale … Continued

How to Find More Buyers for Your Pittsburgh Property

How to Find More Buyers for Your Pittsburgh Property

You may not sell your house to the first buyer who shows interest. It would be great if that happened, but it seldom does. Your property has to be extremely special or need a few tricks up your sleeve to attract more buyers. So here are a few ways if you are looking to sell … Continued

Selling Your Home in Pittsburgh

4 Mistakes to Avoid While Selling Your Home in Pittsburgh

When you decide to sell your Pittsburgh home, you’ll need to do a lot of preparation, marketing, and negotiating to get the best price possible. As tough as it may appear, mistakes can cost you thousands of dollars. We’ve compiled a list of the top four mistakes to avoid while selling your Pittsburgh home.

Water-Damaged House

3 Questions You’re Likely to Have About Water Damage in Your Home

Water damage caused by leaky pipes, sewage backups, storms, or floods can be far more consequential than you may think. If you don’t act quickly, it can ruin your home permanently. Even a seemingly harmless leak can be a problem because water spreads quickly and is absorbed into the floors and furnishings. If your house has been damaged because of a flood or leakage, here are answers to a few questions that you may have.