Hidden Expenses of Selling Your Pittsburgh Home: How to Avoid Them

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Have you ever heard the adage, “Everyone wants a piece of the pie?” In large business transactions, such as the sale of a house, many individuals or businesses ultimately receive a cut. If you are thinking, “I need to sell my house fast but in the traditional way,” these costs could cost you a significant portion of your profit. It may be quite eye-opening if this is your first time selling a house. We want to ensure that you know these expenses and how they may impact your pocketbook.

1. Realtor Commissions

When you are ready to sell a house fast in Pittsburgh, whether through a realtor or on your own (FSBO), you’ll likely have to pay a commission if the buyer has a realtor. Realtors work hard for their commission, and in some cases, their help can be valuable. However, it comes at a cost. According to a survey, the average realtor fee was 5.53%, higher than the national average in Pittsburgh, PA. You might avoid a real estate agent when selling in Pittsburgh, but even if you sell at auction, fees will still be involved.

2. Pre-Inspection Cost

Even if it’s not a must, getting a pre-inspection before selling your house is usually a smart move, especially if it’s older. Zillow says that around 15% of home deals fall apart because of issues discovered by the buyer. A pre-inspection helps the seller find and fix any problems beforehand, making the sale smoother and building trust with potential buyers. In Pittsburgh, PA, pre-inspections typically cost between $209 and $471, depending on your home’s size and other factors.

3. Transfer Tax

Pennsylvania has a real estate transfer tax, usually around 1% of the sale price. Both the buyer and seller typically share this cost.

4. Title Insurance

Title insurance protects the buyer and seller by ensuring the property’s title is clear of any legal issues. Sellers often provide this to buyers to guarantee a smooth sale.

5. Property Taxes

Sellers are responsible for property taxes up to the closing date. The amount depends on the property’s value and the sale’s timing, which is usually prorated between buyer and seller.

6. Repair Costs

Older homes often need repairs before selling them, like fixing the plumbing, electrical, or roof. Even smaller updates can add up in cost and time. Skipping repairs might mean lowering your asking price or losing potential buyers.

Want to Avoid These Extra Expenses?

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