Selling a House with Code Violations in Pittsburgh: A Guide

Selling a House with Code Violations in Pittsburgh

Selling a house with code violations in Pittsburgh can be tough. The city has strict rules that make the process difficult. It’s not just about calling the city department and getting approval to sell. A home inspection might uncover code violations, whether you have a mid-century ranch, a 1920s bungalow, or a contemporary home. While this news can be surprising and stressful, it’s still possible to sell a house fast in Pittsburgh.

What Are Code Violations?

Code violations happen when a house doesn’t meet specific building standards set by the city or Homeowners Associations (HOAs). These standards, called building codes, are updated regularly to ensure safety and public health. For example, the National Electric Code (NEC) is updated every three years, so something considered safe a few years ago might not be anymore. It’s tough for homeowners to keep up with these changes.

What Are My Options for Selling My House With Code Violations?

1. Manage Your Expectations

  • Don’t expect to get the same price as other houses on the market when selling a house with code violations. The buyer must spend money on repairs, which will be factored into the home’s price.
  • Work with an experienced buyer who can fix it up cost-effectively. Making repairs ahead of time can lead to a better offer for your house.
  • Selling your house to a cash home buyer in Pittsburgh means no commission fees, which can save you around 6% of the sale price. They will purchase homes with code violations.

2. Find an Ideal Buyer

  • Not every buyer is ready to take on a house with code violations.
  • Find a buyer, often an investor, who sees the property’s potential and can fix it up economically.
  • A cash buyer often allows you to sell the house quickly without spending more money on it.

3. Enhance the Appearance

  • Even if parts of the house need major repairs, make the rest look as good as possible.
  • Highlight its positive features and stage it if needed.
  • Show potential buyers what the house can be after repairs.
  • Improve the yard to boost curb appeal and make an excellent first impression.

4. Be Transparent

  • Be upfront about all known issues with the property, even the hidden ones.
  • Not disclosing problems can lead to legal issues or more expenses later.
  • Create a checklist to ensure you cover everything when reviewing the property.

5. Recognize the Value

  • Just because the house is old or run-down doesn’t mean you have to sell it cheaply.
  • The right buyer will see its potential.
  • Look at all your options when selling a house with code violations in Pittsburgh.

Can I Fix the Code Violations?

This choice often hinges on legal requirements, budget constraints, the extent of the issue, and the current state of your local housing market.

Easy and Affordable FixesCost
Move a mounted smoke alarmFree (DIY) or $70-$150 (hired)
Test for GFCIs in outlets$12-$40
Replace outlets$20 each
Hire an electrician to replace an outlet with a GFCI unit$130-$300

Manageable Yet Costly FixesCost
Install a new electrical panel$1,200-$2,000
Restore a cracked foundation$500 (minor) to $15,000+ (major)
Re-plumb a house$1,500-$15,000

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