Will An Eat-In Kitchen Increase The Value Of My Pittsburgh Home?

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Planning to sell a house fast in Pittsburgh and thinking about renovations? Renovating your kitchen can offer great returns on investment since most buyers prefer updated kitchens. But what about ‘eat-in kitchens’? Have you ever wondered what sets them apart and if they could boost your home’s value?

Let’s explore eat-in kitchens and see if they impact your Pittsburgh home’s worth.

What Is an Eat-In Kitchen?

An eat-in kitchen can take various forms, but it always includes a seating area where you can enjoy a meal. This could be a bar with stools, a built-in dining booth, or a cozy breakfast nook with a table and chairs. Sometimes, even a few barstools at the kitchen counter qualify as an eat-in kitchen. However, for those looking for more spacious dining options, it typically means having enough room for most of the family to sit together.

What Are The Advantages of an Eat-In Kitchen?

As per House Digest, eat-in kitchens are appealing because they offer additional space for dining, entertaining, homework, meal preparation, and more. They enhance a home’s functionality by providing a formal dining area and a versatile, casual eating space. These kitchens can range from accommodating a small to medium-sized table and chairs to having barstools at the counter. Regardless of the size, the defining feature of an eat-in kitchen is having a place to sit down and enjoy a meal in the same room where you cook.

Do Eat-In Kitchens Boost Home Resale Value?

While it’s challenging to pinpoint the exact value increase brought by an eat-in kitchen, real estate experts foresee a rising popularity of eat-in kitchens as homeowners increasingly opt for meals on the move. If a buyer is comparing two similar homes, one with a compact kitchen and the other with a spacious layout with a dining area, the eat-in kitchen is likely the preferred choice. In regions with limited space, eat-in kitchens are considered a luxury for apartment living. They can significantly enhance a property’s value compared to a galley kitchen, which lacks seating options.

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