What Documents Are Required To Sell A Home In Pittsburgh?

Sell A Home In Pittsburgh

Selling a home can take time and effort. You must deal with realtors, banks, and the home inspection process, and you’ll need a range of documents to complete the sale. These documents are all necessary, and failure to provide any of them may cause closing to be delayed or even unattainable. If you want to sell your house fast in Pittsburgh, you’ll need the following documents to do so:

1. Seller’s Disclosure Statement

According to Pennsylvania law, a seller must sign a disclosure statement before a sale can be finalized. Moreover, a prospective buyer must receive this statement before closing escrow. The disclosure statement provides general property information and will note any defects, liens, and title issues. Having an accurate disclosure statement will help you avoid future legal issues.

2. Certificate Of Home Inspection

A home inspection is a required step that must be completed before listing the house on the market. The home inspector will look for any significant problems with the property so you can fix these before staging and showing the home to potential buyers.

3. Title Report (Preliminary)

The preliminary title report, which is required by law, confirms the seller’s title to the property. The preliminary title report will also include a list of liens and encumbrances on the property.

4. Mortgage Letter From The Lender

If the buyer applies for a mortgage, the lender must approve the application and send the buyer a letter. This letter confirms that the buyers can afford the house and that the mortgage process should go smoothly.

5. Title Insurance

Title insurance is required to cover any legal and general issues that may arise during the home-selling process.

6. Final Sale Agreement

A final sale deed must be prepared once the buyer and seller have agreed on the final terms of the sale. This official document transfers ownership of the house to the buyer. The buyer and seller must thoroughly inspect the document before signing it, as this is the final proof that the sale is complete.

7. Tax Records

The seller must provide the most recent property tax receipts and other payment receipts, including those for utility bills and HOA fees.

8. Warranty Information

The seller must provide the buyer with information about the appliance warranties that are still active.

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