Ways to Prepare Your Home for Tornadoes

House For a Tornado

Your home is the center of your life, and while you may believe you’re doing a good job keeping it safe, if you don’t take certain preliminary steps, your home may be vulnerable to the consequences of a natural disaster. Like most parts of America, Pittsburgh faces the threat of tornadoes throughout the year. Homeowners must have a comprehensive plan ready so they are up to the task of protecting their homes in such a terrible situation.


Tornadoes often occur without warning, so preparing your home and the precautionary plans in advance is the best way to go.

● An emergency kit with food, water, clothes, blankets, medicine, and pet supplies is crucial.

● Creating a plan for family communication is good practice, especially in case some are outside the home when the tornado hits. Involve neighbors to formulate a plan if there are elderly or special needs people in the neighborhood.

● Establish a safe room or wind shelter, like a basement or interior space, that offers more protection than other places in the home. Without a safe room, check on the nearest sturdy building or structure to take shelter.


Always be weather-aware and know the signs of a tornado by taking note of the overnight forecast during severe weather seasons.

● Once the tornado warning goes on, seek shelter immediately in your safe place or by a sturdy building. Crouch as low as possible and cover your head.

● If on the road, find the lowest point in the ground and shield yourself from the straight line of winds.


Once the local government and emergency managers declare the end of the tornado, check in first with family and friends.

● The damage may be widespread, so be careful when venturing outside.

● If you are not home, do not return until it is safe.

● Photograph all damage to your home, contact your insurance agent and file a claim. If the property loss is beyond repair and you wish to sell, contact 412 Houses – in Pittsburgh we buy houses in their current condition.

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