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Facts About Selling Your House In Pittsburgh

If you plan to list your Pittsburgh home for sale, consider a few things in preparation for the process you’re likely to face. There are several vital facts that real estate agents will not tell you when it comes to selling your house in Pittsburgh. Take a look at the information below to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

It Can Be Inconvenient Selling Your House in Pittsburgh

Selling a home the traditional way can significantly cut into your personal time. If you value spending evenings and weekends at home with your family, selling your home can get in the way. Potential buyers typically prefer to book showings during evenings or on weekends, so throughout the selling process, it will become commonplace to have strangers wandering through your home during these times. 

Additionally, sellers need to be ready for a showing with little to no time for preparation. This means that homes must be kept in constant perfect condition to be prepared for buyers to visit.

Your Home Sale May Experience Closing Delays

Even after accepting an offer on your home, completing the transactions may take quite some time. Closing is one of the longest timelines you’ll face when selling your house in Pittsburgh because of the requirements that must be satisfied along the way. The home will need inspections and appraisals, as well as other deadlines that have to be met to prevent closing delays.

It’s not uncommon for closing to take 60 days or more when traditionally sold with conventional financing. Though it’s a normal part of the home-selling process, many agents neglect to mention it to clients selling their Pittsburgh homes.

Your Home May Spend MANY Days on the Market

Each home sale is unique, and if you plan on selling your house in Pittsburgh, it’s crucial to know how long it may take. Agents can give a rough estimate of the time it takes to sell a home, but they cannot guarantee that your home will fall below that average. 

It’s a good idea to be prepared for a lengthy process. If time is essential for your situation, you may need to plan accordingly to weather a long wait. In addition to the hassle of waiting, you may find that you’re suddenly responsible for paying bills on two properties if you have to move before your first home has sold.

Contingencies Might Be a Hassle

Selling your house in Pittsburgh may bring a lot of disappointment with it. The truth of the matter is home sales can fall through at the drop of a hat, so it’s wise to avoid getting your hopes up.

If contingencies are not met, or your home does not pass inspection, the buyer is likely to either renegotiate the terms of the sale or even abandon it altogether. Though contingencies can be stressful, they’re a normal part of the selling process. That said, agents only sometimes prepare sellers for these issues ahead of time.

You May Need To Make Repairs

A potential buyer will commonly request repairs to your home before they agree to purchase it. Sometimes, these repairs are relatively simple and inexpensive; other times, they cost thousands of dollars. As the seller, you must meet these demands if the lender requires them. Please do so to avoid the contract being voided.

Your Profit May Be Less Than You Expected

There are quite a few costs involved in selling a home. On top of standard selling fees and agent commissions, a sizeable sum of money is needed to photograph and stage your home. There are quite a few costs that many sellers need to take into account before starting the home-selling process. As a result, if you’re selling your house in Pittsburgh, you may find your profits are lower than expected. 

If you’re selling your Pittsburgh home and find these home-selling issues are a no-go for your unique situation, you still have options. 412 Houses can help aspiring sellers save money, time, and hassle when selling a property.

We can offer you the home in as little as one business day and close on a sale in a week. If you’re interested in a direct, all-cash sale, don’t hesitate to contact us at (412) 346-0523 or message us.

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