3 Kinds Of Buyers Sellers Should Avoid

3 Kinds Of Buyers Sellers Should Avoid

We all know selling a house is stressful. And mindless buyers certainly add to the seller’s problems! True, not all of them are buyers from hell, but some you may want to run away from. Here’s a list of three kinds of buyers you should stay away from:

Nitpicking buyers:

It makes no sense to nitpick about minor issues like the color of the walls or the design of the bathroom tiles. Some buyer types come up with a laundry list of complaints, especially during the final walkthrough. They may even exaggerate some of these defects and ask to renegotiate the initial offer. Unless the problem is severe and expensive to repair, there is no reason to accept an offer from such buyers.

Buyers who request multiple visits:

We understand that the buyer has to bring in the decorator to help him with the furnishing. But it would help if you were careful enough not to interrupt the seller. He could be busy carrying out the promised repairs or likely to be packing up. You could work with the seller to schedule appointments while the inspector is on-site. Since the time is already allocated, the seller is less likely to be bothered.

Aggressive buyers:

Some buyers appear sweet when meeting personally but tend to be aggressive over email or texting. Some buyers have unusual demands and have zero consideration for the seller’s problems. Some are downright rude and abusive. Some others threaten to back away from the deal.

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