Smart Strategies to Sell a House in a Bad Neighborhood in Pittsburgh

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Regarding real estate deals, location is the primary deciding factor. If your house is in a desirable area, you will likely sell your home fast in Pittsburgh.

Factors like living near train tracks, being in an area with an undesirable school district, or being located in a shady part of town can make selling your home a considerable challenge. But here are the top strategies to sell your home, even when it’s located in a less-than-desirable neighborhood.

Here are a few tips for selling a great house in a not-so-great neighborhood:

Hook in First-Time Buyers

First-time buyers prefer starter homes that fit their budget. If it meets their budget, they are more likely to be open to properties in a less-than-desirable neighborhood.

Impress with Curb Appeal

Buyers will likely overlook the neighborhood’s drawbacks if the property wows them. Make your home stand out by focusing on curb appeal. Ensure that your front yard is in perfect shape. Trim trees and bushes and power wash the windows and siding. Make your home look warm and inviting from the outside, tempting the buyer to step in and have a look.

Amaze Buyers with the Interior

When it comes to the interior of your home, make sure that you go the extra mile to impress buyers. Clean, declutter, and stage the property to make it look modern, trendy, and inviting. If you’ve got an impressive interior, you could reach potential buyers to overlook the neighborhood’s shortcomings.

Add a Fence

If you feel that the neighboring properties are rundown and ruin the potential of your home, separate your yard from the surrounding houses by installing shrubs or a fence. Adding a fence also adds an extra layer of security, appealing to older buyers and young families. A fence is appealing to pet owners as they feel safer letting their pets play unsupervised in the backyard.

Get the Neighbors Involved

If the neighbors are willing, you can get them to talk to prospective buyers, highlighting the positive aspects of the location. Also, introducing a human element to the sale increases the chances of tipping the scales in your favor.

Consider a Discount on the Final Price

Despite your best efforts, there may be times when an undesirable neighborhood is a deal-breaker, and you have no offer. You can provide an incredible discount on your home to sell it. For example, you can waive the closing costs or give them some credit, which they can use for home improvements or repairs. However, offering concessions reduces your profit and can land you in a financially tight spot if you buy a new home.

Consider a Cash Sale

Despite your best efforts, there might be times when a bad neighborhood works against your home. In such scenarios, consider selling directly to cash home buyers in Pittsburgh. Cash buyers buy your house as-is in any condition, even if it’s a not-so-desirable part of town. At 412 Houses, we buy houses in Pittsburgh in any neighborhood. Contact our team for a free cash offer to sell your home quickly without any hassles.

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